Quiet spring evening in Ula. It is one of the first evenings in May and still long until summer guests begin mingling around Ula´s waterfront. The fishing boats rock, resting before the next day's dawn to join his skipper in Skagerrak.


Skagerrak. From the beaches of Ula, it is a wonderful sight right out in Skagerrak


Scandinavia swamp forests. In coastal forests along the coast of Larvik, the black alder form some of the country's richest and most major growing populations. Here, the living conditions for a vibrant life of micro-organisms and birds. The trees develop high tufts of roots, almost tropical mangroves. With reason, these instances have been given the name 'Scandinavia swamp forests. "The picture shows the jungle that separates Herfell and Ula.



Late Summer Evening in Ula.


Svaberg Paradise. The colorful rocks in Ula stand as a nice contrast to the gray sands and blue sea. Here from the largest sandy beach in Ula.


Ulabrand. At an altitude of Ula towers as the monument of Ulabrand.






Hiking in such a beautiful landscape brings tears to the eyes.  Sandy beaches more beautiful that you have ever seen before. Picturesque villas blend with the fishing harbor environment. Which fills the air with the lovely scent of lilac!


Charming Ula


Ula is probably Vestfold´s most distinctive beach, with atmosphere of an old fishing harbor.  By the harbor, there are old wooden houses from the last century preserved and cared for. Increasingly more residents have been finding their new homes out on these archipelago pearls, and vacation guests from far and wide come over land and sea to their favorite summer spot.


Ula sits just a short drive from the towns Larvik and Sandefjord. From highway 303, the drive quickly guides you down to the harbor in Ula. Once you arive in Ula,it will be difficult not to be captivated by the charming harbor. This place is by the port to Skagerrak is one of our most famous small harbors in these parts.


Ula´s great son

The place grew up on fish and the activities of marine pilots in the second half of the 1700s. Here lived the famous navigator hero Ulabrand, Anders Jacob Johansen. Over Norway, navigation history is enough for Ulabrand to become the most famed navigator of all. Ulabrand became a symbol of good seamanship and the important service navigators made or safety at sea. Ulabrand served as a navigator in Ula from 1850 until he died at sea with his son during an autumn storm in 1881 by reefs just off Rauer (archipelago of polished rocks slightly outside the entrance to Ula). The Ulabrand monument was built on Ula knoll, the old viewpoint east of the buildings in Ula and just above Ulabrand´s own little house from 1837.


The Great Beaches

In sailing times, Ula was a crucial exporter of ice blocks. Ulaseilskutetiden var Ula en viktig utskipningshavn for isblokker. Ula is still fishing, but the summer is dominated instead by a large number of cottage dwellers, campers and day visitors who are attracted by the environment, the marina and the two stunning beaches with a total sandy stretch of over 350 m. These beaches are undoubtedly the podium for the country best sandy beaches.

Recreation and Idyllic Tours

The first tourists rented themselves places here at turn of the century, and later became the first houses sold and used as summer residences. Around the harbor are cottages with rich floral gardens. The small and cozy gravel roads between summer houses allows for a quiet walk in the evening when the air has been cooler. There are many great hiking trails that run in all directions out of Ula. The paths can lead you to deep forests, and of course the orange rocks and mountain peaks above the sea where you have breathtaking views of Svenner Lighthouse and Skagerrak.



By the sandy beaches, there is a café / kiosk and outdoor seating. Here it’s so great to be so far from civilization. In the port of Ula, there is a small grocery shop which is open during the summer season.


Unique Geology


The Ula region is known for its many potholes and extraordinary delicate rock formations. Some of the finest you will find are at the inlet between the Ryggen and Foksund.


In Ula we find a particular mineral deposit; a "moonstone". The deposits of moonstone are great in Ula. The name was given by the professor and university president WC Brogger (1851-1940) because of the bluish-white color. The color is reminiscent of the light of the moon, and going by fusion of the two elements, alkali-feldspar and albite-feldspar. The formations give a special array of light. Moon Stone of Ula is called kryptoperthitt for the technical term. Mineral deposit has been regularly frequented by researchers and stone collectors since the late 1800s. Moonstone is also found elsewhere in southern Vestfold.


It is said that a moon rock is exhibited in York, England. This stone is believed to have come from Ula. The crown jewels of Denmark are said to contain a piece of moon rock from Ula. The incidence of moonstone in Ula has suffered badly under numerous geological expeditions that have made ignificant removals of this rare stone. Included, a German expedition during WW2 dug out and removed a lot of the rocks. They also took out all the crystals of the mountains of Ula. It was partly based on the many expeditions of this kind that Ula has well ensured the preservation of the whole moon stone source in 1980, later named an Ula Natural Monument.


Beautiful words about Ula


Here the sea grabs with all its variability and all the nuances in the day´s and night's light, while the rocks are just as yellow and pale pink as they want them. The sea as clean and crisp as it entices even the smaller sea lovers out in the nature. The lush vegetation on the forest floor draws nature lovers to them - she and he enjoy life.


Wild honeysuckle winds its long arms up the slopes and fills the air with fragrance. Wild apples, ditto currants and gooseberries grow just as in the Garden of Eden. The peacefulness goes around the beach house and cottages, a protected place on earth. Even on a crowded campground feels quiet.


These beautiful words are taken for the book: Ula - From the harbor to the bathing places.