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Breiskrednosi - Latitude 60.94415, Longitude 6.87341


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About Norway and fjords

Going to one of the fjords in Norway is a must-do, for sure!

A fjord is a long, narrow arm of the sea with steep sides, carved by glacial activity. Many people consider fjords the very symbol of Norway. This country contains some of the longest, deepest, and most beautiful fjords in the world. In a survey conducted by National Geographic Traveler Magazine the famous fjords of Norway were selected as the number one unspoiled travel spot from a list of 115 destinations around the world. 


The Kingdom of Norway: 385 155 km2
Mainland: 323 758 km2 (7.6 per cent protected)
Svalbard and Jan Mayen: 61 397 km2 (57.1 per cent protected)


25 148 km, including fjords

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